SoundStock Academy

SoundStock Academy

SoundStock Academy (SSA) was created as a subsidiary grassroots organization to parent company SoundStock Inc. SSA is an 8-month artist development program that aims to give artists the tools and resources to think beyond basic music creation. Our focus is to create a safe space where we can foster artistic and entrepreneurial development, with an additional focus on motivating SSA participants to use their art as a way of generating social impact.

SSA will help participants focus on the following three streams: creative arts, business development, and social impact. The creative arts stream provides emerging artists with weekly access to recording facilities, music production, sound engineering, and individualized assistance in regards to songwriting and music composition.

The business development stream provides artists with ongoing advice from industry mentors, as well as monthly capacity building workshops that focus on topics such as entrepreneurship, financial literacy, registration of musical works, music publishing, the monetization of music, art and e-commerce, and the incorporation of their own music entity.

Lastly, the social impact stream focuses on providing youth with the networks and insight to work towards a social initiative of their choice. SSA will utilize our connections with government agencies, non-for-profits, and individuals involved within those sectors to create impactful pathways for program participants. The goal is to align each youth with an established social initiative and/or help them create one of their own.

What do we have to offer? 

  • 3-hours of studio time per week

  • Access to highly skilled music producers and sound engineers

  • Fully produced EP

  • Free mixing and mastering

  • Monthly Capacity Building Workshops

  • A fully designed marketing plan

  • Paid live performance opportunities

  • On-going advice from industry mentors


  • Youth between the ages of 14-25

  • A current artist making music in Toronto

  • A desire to create social impact with their music

Applications have closed as of March 9th, 2018. For more information about SSA, email